Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weekly Tech Tip - Sept. 5, 2013

Hello! I certainly hope that you find these "little" tips useful. It really helps me to kind of do a little research to find some resources that may work for you, whether you work with students or you work in the ESU/NCECBVI offices. I believe there are always resources that can help us learn.

So, with that, next week will mark the anniversary of 9/11. Do you remember where you were when the towers were struck? I certainly do and can remember watching that horrific event at a school where I was teaching. Nobody knew for sure the tragic events that would follow and the days and months of investigation that ensued after the attacks.

As I think about that day, there are tons of resources out there marking the anniversary of that event. Here are a few:

CybraryMan's Sept. 11 resource page:

On Learn360, click the calendar and see what resources are offered for 9/11or enter that in the search field. There are approximately 100 resources on Learn360 for all age levels. Remember, every teacher in Nebraska can have an account to Learn 360. Speak with your Media specialist or contact me if you do not have an account.

Speaking of Learn360, I would also like to share some new content that was released.

The Magic School Bus Audio Books - Search for The Magic School Bus and you will get some results for audio books for kids to listen to.

The Fat Boy Chronicles - These videos follow a young boy as he struggles with a new school, his weight and bullying. Search for The Fat Boy Chronicles for more information.

SunBurst Visual Media - Sunburst Visual Media has partnered with Learn360 to bring over 3,000 titles to this platform. From "You Can Succeed in School" to "The ABC's of Hygeine", these videos can help teach a lot of different topics that students deal with on a daily basis.

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