Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oct 2010 tech news

Interactive Whiteboards
I recently ran across an article by Robert Marzano on the effective use of Interactive boards in the classroom. It was interesting to note that in that article, he states, “using interactive whiteboards was associated with a 16 percentile point gain in student achievement. Using voting devices was associated with a 26 percentile point gain in student achievement (along with interactive whiteboards). A third feature is the interactive whiteboard reinforcer - applications that teachers can use to signal that an answer is correct or to present information in an unusual context. These practices were associated with a 31 percentile point gain in student achievement.”

After reading that, I wondered how many schools in ESU 4 have whiteboards? And, how many of those are effectively used? Interactive whiteboards have been around for many years, but if we as teachers and learners do not take time to use them properly, then you may not see any gain in student achievement at all. In fact, Robert Marzano states, “As is the case with all powerful tools, teachers must use interactive whiteboards thoughtfully, in accordance with what we know about good classroom practice.”

There are lots of ways, fun and exciting, to use whiteboards in the classrooms. Many schools already have them. Some are using MOBI’s and other hand-held devices which are just as engaging as interactive whiteboards. Get the students moving, get them collaborating, get them discussing important concepts. Then, use the interactive board with voting devices to engage them fully. If used appropriately, you will see some dramatic results. It all takes time and training. If you need any help, feel free to call or email.

For the full article, check it out at http://bit.ly/9HlRMW

Upcoming Workshops
Sept. 27 - Tech Plan Update starting at 9 AM
Sept. 30 - tcadre meeting starting at 9 AM
Oct. 18 - NSSRS work day beginning at 9 AM
Oct. 22 - tcadre meeting starting at 9 AM
Oct. 26 - eInstruction workshop starting at 9 AM with Dustin Frank
Oct. 29 - ANGEL workshop starting at 9 AM
Dec. 10 - Using iPods/iPads in the classroom beginning at 9 AM

Website of the Month
This web site of the month is more for secondary teachers, but has lots of opportunities to enhance your classroom. The Khan Academy features over 1600 free video lessons on math, science, technology, and other subjects. Check it out at http://www.khanacademy.org/

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ESU 4 Cadres

Here are links to our wiki cadre sites:

http://esu4newteachers.wikispaces.com - For new teachers
http://esu4mathcadre.wikispaces.com - Math cadre
http://esu4artcadre.wikispaces.com - Art cadre
http://esu4literacycadre.wikispaces.com - Literacy cadre
http://esu4sciencecadre.wikispaces.com - Science cadre