Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Internet Safety Contest

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
Poster and PSA Contest Guidelines 
Sponsored by the
Nebraska Attorney General and Educational Service Units

The ESUs of Nebraska in partnership with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office are sponsoring an Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Poster and Public Service Announcement (PSA) Contest for students in K-12 Schools in Nebraska. 

  1. Eligibility
Any public or private school/district within an ESU may participate.

  1. Categories
Each school or district may submit one entry in each category from each grade grouping:  K-4, 5-8, 9-12, i.e. three entries per school for each of the five categories.

  1. Entry Formats
Poster              high quality computer generated (pdf, tiff, jpg, or png);
Poster              hand drawn
Audio PSA       submit on labeled CD (mp3, aiff, or wav format).
Video PSA       submit on labeled VHS, DVD, or CD (QT, WMV, or RM format).
Open               a submission which does not fit a poster or PSA category above—could be a brochure, video documentary, etc.

  1. Rules
·       No real names used on posters or in audio or video PSAs.
·       Copyright laws must be followed, i.e. images, sound, etc.
·       29 second target time on PSAs (audio and video).
·       Label CDs and DVDs with ESU Internet Safety Entry Form info. (See next page.)
·       Put ESU Contest Entry Form on back of posters
·       Poster Size:  minimum – 8.5” X 11”, maximum – 16” X 22” (recommended delivery in protected mailer, such as tube or flat box. Do not bend.)

  1. Deadline
Entries must be submitted to ESU #4 by March 9, 2012.
            Send entries to:

                        Educational Service Unit #4
                        Attn: Gregg Robke
                        919 16th Street
                        Auburn, NE 68305

  1. Award
One entry in each grade grouping from each ESU will be selected and given state ESU recognition. Winning posters and PSAs, audio and video, will then be eligible for awards and/or use by the ESUs and the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office. A winning entry in each category will be selected and sent on to the Attorney General’s office for special recognition.