Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weekly Tech Tip

We have been working more and more with the Google platform, and we think it offers a lot of positives for the ESU and for the schools that we serve. The collaboration feature is simply amazing. To be able to share a document, slide show, form, spreadsheet with others via a link or email address is phenomenal.

Some things to try:
  • Google allows handwriting tools in a document. You would use the "Add-on" feature and find the "gMath" add-on. This allows you to create handwritten notes on a google document. And, for math nerds like me, I can create formulas in a google document or form. (see screen shot below) For more information on this tool, check out the detailed instructions here.

  • Google Slides - just added new transitions. So, again, if working on a presentation and presenting with someone else, how easy to share that presentation with your co-presenters without having to send a separate attachment each time.
  • Google Forms - we've been using this more and more. Use forms to catch data you want and need to end the year. Then, keep that data year after year for evaluation.
Thank you and enjoy the end of the year,