Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tech Tip for Sept. 8, 2015 - Learn360

For all educators in the ESU 4 area, a quick reminder about Learn360. Learn360 is a resource to all ESU 4 edcucators within the service unit area. Learn360 is rolling out a major update this fall. One that many of you might appreciate is the mobile compatible feature. Please view that update below by clicking on the pdf link below. 

They've also rolled out thousands of new titles in the last year. If you have not looked lately at your account, please take a peek. 

Here is a sneak peek pdf - please scroll to page 2

Here is a video sneak peek of the rollout this fall:

Login with your account:

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tech Tip for August 2015 - Google Voice Typing

Google announced, yesterday, a new feature for Google Docs. Actually, they announced many new features. Here is one that I think can be useful for many students - Google Voice Typing. To enable the voice typing feature, you would open a new document, then select the "Tools" menu. From there, you will have an option to use the "Voice Typing" feature. Once that is enabled, you will press the microphone that pops up and you can talk into your computer and it will translate your speech to text for you. Give it a try today and read more from the official Google blog about this and other new features.