Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekly Tech Tip - 1/30/14

One good thing!

Feb. 11, 2014 has been marked as Safer Internet Day - The following link will give you details about this day. In short, Common Sense media has partnered with to promote safe, effective use of online and media technology.

The theme of this year is to "create a better Internet together." The goal is to grow the amount of good online. Please take some time to click some of the links in the following newsletter.

In light of some of the local news sources, it is imperative that folks of all ages take some time to evaluate their online use.

Be safe out there -

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weekly Tech Tip - January 9, 2014

First off, Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! Every year when the weather gets extremely cold, I am reminded of how cautious we all need to be with our electronic devices - personally or school owned.

Please take extra caution in keeping devices out of extreme cold (or heat) during this time of year. I have attached a few articles to help you understand. With the LCD/LED type displays, the crystals can easily freeze and leave you with a cracked display. Always remember, metal shrinks in cold weather situations (expands in heat). When it shrinks (or expands), think about how that may affect your device.

Some tips:
1) Keep phones, ipads, ipods inside your pocket when cold outside. If extremely cold, do not try to use your phone out in the weather (battery will be depleted quicker and can make your screen function incorrectly). Wait until you are in a warmer climate to use your phone, ipad, or ipod. Keep laptops protected in a carrying case until you reach a warmer (or cooler) climate.

2) Please do not leave your device in your vehicle for long periods of time even if you park your car in a garage. 

3) If device is cold, please give it a few minutes to warm up before turning it on. This allows the crystals inside the displays to warm up, which in turn will produce a correct image.

Here are some pages to help:

Have an awesome 2014,