Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Tech Tip - Sept. 16, 2013

If you follow technology news, you will know that Apple made a pretty big announcement a few weeks ago. Two new phones were introduced - the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. With the introduction of these new phones, Apple also introduced iOS 7. For those of you with iPads in the classroom, then that means change for you. iOS 7 is set to launch this week (Sept. 18). There are some new features involved that you can learn about before downloading. On your device, it will come down as a software update. For more information about iOS 7, please refer to this website:

Secondly, I read an interesting article entitled "2 Basic Ways on How to Add Technology to Your Curriculum." The first involved taking a tried and true lesson plan and finding a way to integrate technology into it. And, the second, talks about getting into a little social media. Open twitter and find some folks to follow. A great resource on twitter would be #nebedchat (Nebraska Educators Chat). Here is the link to that article for more information:

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