Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept. 24, 2012 Weekly Tech Tip

This morning, I finished talking with pre-service teachers at Peru State College. One of the questions they asked me is where do I find iPad apps that I can use for education. I gave them three resources that I use regularly to find apps. I do not use the iTunes store as it is full of apps that do not relate to education.

So, here are my top 3 sites to find apps and useful information about iPads. Oh, by the way, iOS 6 came out last week. If you have an ipad and you want to update it, please log onto your iPad, choose "Settings", click "General" and then select "Software Update"
Appitic is a collection of apps for education. Across the top is an easy to read menu that list themes for pre-school aged kids to teacher tools. Scroll across the top to find apps that work for you!
iear is a website of Educational apps that have been reviewed by educators. A little different to navigate, you can choose your grade level in the yellow box on the right or you can use the tag cloud (below grade levels) to select apps that work for you. I really like the "App of the Week" links. I browse through those to find apps that may be useful in the classroom.
This is a great resource for Ipads brought to you by my friends at ESU 3. There are tons of iPad resources here as well as a lists of apps for different classrooms.

I hope you find these sites useful. You can bookmark them to keep them for future reference. And, most of the apps listed will also work on iPod touches.