Monday, September 19, 2011

Using LiveScribe in Education

When new technology comes out (which seems like everyday), I have to consider how it would be used in education. I go to conferences and ask questions, listen to suggestions, and try to find out how and where it could be used in education.

Recently, I was able to sit in on a LiveScribe training with Engaging Technologies. I was able to follow along and think of ways to use this pen that I've heard about. When LiveScribe first came out, I was cautious thinking that it would be great for special education. After seeing the new features, I now know that it can be used in any educational setting (including college).

So, what's new? As with any technology, if it doesn't get frequent updates, then it gets outdated. LiveScribe has built into it's technology, connectors. Connectors allow you to quickly take pen cast you've created and upload them to various sites such as Google Docs and Google Sites. You can also upload them to MyLiveScribe, which gives you free storage. How cool is that?

If you see below, you have the option of embedding pen cast into webpages created for your classroom. All I did was click one button once I registered my pen, then linked it to my computer, and was given some html code. Oh, and as updates come out, your pen gets automatically updated. You can also install apps on your pen found at the LiveScribe store.

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Happy LiveScribing!