Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekly Tech Tip - backup

Happy Holidays! This tech tip comes from a conversation that I had with another colleague the other day and it is one which happens at least once a year. The question: "Does the organization back up our computers off site?" Simply stated, do we have a way of backing up every computer off the main site where you work. For example, if you work in Auburn, do we back up your computer to a server at NCECBVI and vice versa? The answer is no. We do, however, have backs up in place for most of you, if not all of you. Those external drives on your desk serve as a back up. In case of a tragic event, where your computer and your external drive is gone, then nothing would be available for you to retrieve.

So, how can this be resolved? There is no simple way to make sure that all your data is valid even if you do back up. We cannot, with 100%, guarantee that your backups will work should you lose your hard drive on your computer. However, I would suggest that you back up your important documents to Google Drive. We have been using Google for a few years and Google for Education just announced that all accounts get unlimited storage. You can check out your google drive settings to see your results (your result will be unlimited storage if signed into your domain account). So, my suggestion would be to create a folder on Google drive and call it 'Important'. Then, simply make copies of your important documents and drag them to google drive. If you download the google drive app, and sync your documents to your hard-drive, it will be even easier.

My suggestion always has and always will be to make sure your important files are safe somewhere. We rely on software to perform scheduled backups and that does not always work.

Until next time,