Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Technology Tip - April 16, 2014

This week tip comes from two resources that I subscribe to and find very useful - Free Tech for Teachers and iPad Apps for Schools.

Both are blog pages that I follow, but instead of me going to those sites each day to read what has been posted, I get a daily email from the site and the post is feed and read directly in my email client.

If you go to each of those websites, you can find the subscribe button for email. It will look like the screen shot below. Click on the "mail" button icon and then you can add your email address to the feed. Once your email address is submitted, you will get a daily email from the site.
So, you can learn about new web sites and new technologies every day. For example, for today, the iPad email read "5 free iPad apps to help students learn to spell." So, if spelling is something you work on, then there might be an app that you might like.


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