Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Tech Tip - Feb. 24, 2014

This weeks tip comes from MobiTech 3000 LLC. I have had a few requests from folks to be able to electronically sign a document and then resend it without having to print it out. So, here is an app that works very nicely. I found this in the app store last week and have been trying it out. There are many apps that do the same thing that this app does, but it is very easy to use and all it does is signatures.

How does it work? Once you download the signature app, you can tie it to your google account or your dropbox account. Once tied to your account, you can select the document you wish to sign by opening it. Once the document is open, you can sign it with your own handwriting and drag that to the area where the signature needs to be. You can also enter the date and add checkboxes, if needed.

So, visit the app store to get started with this Signature App.


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