Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekly Tech Tip - April 2, 2013

One of the things I try to do each day is follow some technology news. I try to read about new things, not only involving educational technology, but technology as a whole.

So, as I was reading yesterday, I came across some interesting articles - Google's Beta called "Google Nose", YouTube was shutting down it's servers, Twttr was only going to let you use consonants, and Nokia came out with a new microwave. As I started reading these stories, it dawned on me that these were simply April Fool's jokes. I mean, how could google create an engine that let's you smell through your device? And, how could twitter stop you from using only consonants?

As I read these, it reminds me that not all the information you receive is correct and accurate. We have to use reasoning skills as well as research skills to either agree or disagree with what we may find. And, we have to teach our children the same. So, the next time you hear you can smell something through your device, you might want to think twice.

Google Nose
Twitter Joke
Nokia Microwave
YouTube shutting down

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