Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Tech Tip - Jan. 22, 2013

This week's tip has to do with email. I know it has been discussed before. I just wanted to give a few more tips.

I have been getting lots of invites to join SkillPages as well as other folks across the ESU system. I believe this to be somewhat legitimate, but if you do not want to join, then please just delete the email. As I've read about Skillpages, it occurs that it automatically takes and populates emails for the person who joined. 

So, if I choose to join SkillPages, it will take and populate an invite to all my contacts. Here is a short description of how SkillPages works - something I found while reading about SkillPages.

SkillPages Invitation Emails
4th December 2012

The ICT Department has become aware of a number of unsolicited messages inviting colleagues to join the SkillPages network, similar to the example below:

The ICT Department has blocked delivery of these messages to University e-mail accounts, but messages may still be delivered to private e-mail accounts. A side effect of accepting the invitation is each of the contacts in your address book will subsequently receive a similar invitation purporting to have been sent by you. This is not an illegal act, as by initially accepting the invitation you are consenting to your contacts being used in this way. Should you receive such a message, our advice would be not to respond and  to delete the message.


So, as the saying goes, if you suspect something inaccurate, then please delete the email. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, then please change your password. Your accounts (email, social networks, etc) are only as good as your usernames and passwords. Your passwords should contain uppercase and lowercase letters as well as special symbols, if allowed.

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