Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct. 3, 2012 Weekly Tech Tip

I'd like to introduce you to Diigo ( Diigo is a bookmarking web tool that is accessible via the web. The nice thing about diigo is you do not have to be on diigo's site to use it. You can install a diigo toolbar onto each of your broswers.

So, why diigo? You don't even have to sign up to benefit from the uses of diigo. For example, we have a diigo group that we use to share bookmarks with teachers. Groups are open to the public for viewing and you can see what we've been bookmarking by going to this site:

Beyond that, there are so many other groups that might capture your attention. Here are a few which I belong:

iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch:

I use diigo to search for web pages that others have book marked. All this is free.

So, sign up, join a group, and see what others are bookmarking!

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